CHS Memories

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Mary Ann Garvey Faulkner '55

"A bunch of us Cathedralites on the roof of CHS on 'gym day' wearing our gym suits. The date is June of 1953."

Joanne Hargrave Alexander '65

"At the time the school was located on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 51 Street in Manhattan across the street from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. In my sophomore year, President and First Lady Kennedy stayed at the Waldorf, and from our classroom we had an excellent vantage point to watch the couple leave their limousine and enter the Hotel, so our teacher allowed the entire class to assemble at the window to watch this Historic event. I believe John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by an assassins bullet the very next year, which was another Kennedy event that I shared with my classmates. We were in class when an announcement was made over the PA system that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the entire class was stunned into silence and tears."

Pamela Politi '64

"I went to Cathedral at St. Peter & Paul's for the first two years. My favorite teachers were Sr. Regina Ann and Sr. Loretta Ann...but I have to say that all the nuns there was wonderful. I loved it. Then, i transferred down to the main branch...another great experience. My teachers were mostly the Domenican sisters of Sparkhill. Happy to see Cathedral is still alive and well!"

Nancy Wintermeyer McDonald '63

"The best high school experience anyone could ask for. Thank you, Cathedral. You are always in my heart and prayers. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers, especially Sr. Margaret Kevin."

Patricia Loughlin Correa '75

"I had two favorite teachers: 1) Sister Elizabeth Graham and 2) Mr. Vincent Marino. Sister Elizabeth Graham was my business class teacher, where we learned how to use adding machines and just general office procedures and she was a great teacher and a great motivator. She tried to get me to take shorthand which I never did and since I refused she signed my yearbook in shorthand. I remember attending one of our first reunions and I brought my yearbook with me so she could read what she wrote to me. Mr. Vincent Marino was my math teacher. Math wasn’t one of my strongest subjects but Mr. Marino made learning fun and interesting. Both of these teachers were always willing to help and always made themselves available to students. They were both just great teachers and great motivators. When I think of my years at Cathedral both of these teachers always come to mind."

Daniella Ragland Marshall ‘96

Students from 1996

Catherine Kutza Billings '64

"I think the only memory that really stands out for me is my General Science teacher, Sister Michael Joanne. The thing I remember most about her was her beautiful smile and her kindness. She made class interesting and I never had any qualms asking her questions. She really cared about her students. I think of her often and wonder how and where she is."


"Of course I started Cathedral, like most of my generation, in the branches- mine was St Peter and Paul in the Bronx. When I found out it was an all girl school, I wanted to transfer. I found out later, my transcripts were falsified which is why I was denied in all the schools I applied to. However, I did have a great education and it was this beginning that my love for languages came about. Ms Dejesus was the best Spanish teacher I had and her encouragement probably was why I went to the Peace Corps in my college years. Also fabulous was Sister Martin, who inspired me with math.

By being in the branch, I was able to meet LaGail Brown and Leo Martinez and they helped me become the person I later became. When we went to the new building on 56th Street, LaGail and Leo didn't forget me as a friend and I appreciated that. Unfortunately since the building was new, I lost the teachers who inspired me. But, my education did not suffer. The one thing I did hate was graduation day with the seniors meeting at the school and then making that long walk to St. Patrick’s for the ceremony. I guess trial and error has made that better in 2015?"

Sister Barbara Mueller, O.P. '62

"Allow me to congratulate Cathedral High School on the 110 Anniversary of a great school. A graduate of 1962 I come from a different time, but when I observe that Cathedral High School continues to be a credit to its name, I can feel as proud of being a graduate now as I was then.

Going to St. Peter and Paul's Branch of Cathedral and my last two years at the main building I remember so many fond memories. I received the best "business" training at Cathedral, better than if I went to a specialized buiness school. Got a position within the Telephone Company right after graduation, due I'm sure to the reputation of Cathedral High School. After a time in the business world I decided to enter the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, N.Y. -- due in large part to the example of the Dominican Sisters who taught at Cathedral High. I am still gratified that I had the privilege in being taught by so many Religious Orders of nuns. Cathedral was special in this regard. No other high school offered to students teachers from so many wonderful Orders of nuns. We were unique. I continue to bring that specialness to the college campuses where I presently minister within the City University of New York.

I would like to say hello to my classmates in Room 501. Also send my best to the "gang" who hung out at the TOP HAT and sharing fries and a coke. Think of you all often and keep you in my daily prayers. When I glance at my Yearbook all those wonderful memories come flooding back to me. I am ever grateful to be a Cathedral graduate.

God bless."

Carol (Goodlet) O'Neill'61

I have come to consider that my life started when I walked into 560 Lexington Ave for my first year at Cathedral. The person that I've become I owe to the four years I spent there. It has helped shape every aspect of my life from my deep love of Christmas to the positive values I used to raise my children. To pick a favorite teacher is a tough assignment because there were so many: Sister William Maria, Sister Margaret Maureen, Sister Alma, Sister Arthur, Sister James Edith, Sister Josepha, Sister Seton. At the top of the list : Sister Anna Mercedes and Mother Celestine. All were kind, caring and great role models. The subjects they taught so well made me the envy of many of my college friends and classmates. Although I graduated in 1961, I still have friends from those wonderful four years. I hope today's students will have similar memories.

Noreen Haggerty Brown '61

My memories of CHS are still so vivid. I went there from St. Raymond's in the Bronx in 1957.
My Freshman home room and Science teacher was Sr. James Edith, everyone's favorite as she was young...and nice. I've have kept in touch with her since 1961.
The 10 cents scoops of mashed potatoes at lunchtime.
Looking out the windows when President Eisenhower was being driven into the Waldorf.
Taking Regent exams in the stifling heat while jackhammers blasted from outside the building.
Our stick to you see through blouses, so a full slip was a necessity.
I was in the Dramatic Club and the plays were really professional. In fact one member had a role in a daytime soap opera.
About 3 or 4 Seniors got engagement rings over Christmas of our Senior year and we weren't allowed to wear them. Had to wear them on a chain around our necks and hide them.
The nuns checking the length of our skirts with a yard stick, then pulling out the stitches if they were too short.
Field trips to West Point and Stratford on Avon. DC was out after a group a few years before didn't behave while there. We never knew the details.
Cathedral was a wonderful experience. I know my education was much more fulfilling than my 5 children received.

Linda (Gatto) Stafforrd '61

I graduated in 1961. The first 2 years were at All Saints annex on 125th St. .When junior year came around, it was exciting to be at the main branch at 51st St. across the street from the Waldorf Astoria. We got to see dignataries like Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. My. Princpal was Sr. Miriam Aloyosius and the sweetest teacher I had was in senior year, Sr. David Marie. The education was superb and led us on a path of knowing right from wro,ng not to mention giving us the opportunity to be who we are today. Back then, the teachers had control and wouldn't allow a student to act out. Since "respect" was a part of ouŕ upbringing, we listened and knew not to test their authority. We always had a class clown who would act out and test the teacher, but you always knew the teacher would, in a subtle way, come out ahead showing us who was in charge. It was bitter/sweet when we graduated knowing we were parting from teachers and classmates who we may never s= again, but the memories would always be a part of our lives. We may not have appreciated all that was given to us back then, but as the years have gone by, you look back and say to yourself, how lucky was I to have had the chance to receive a fine education and have the memories to look back on with a smile on my face! Thank you CHS....